MarshallFiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 201164
The County Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing on the proposed Fiscal Year 2010/2011 County budget as follows:
Meeting Date:Meeting Time:Meeting Location:
3/2/20109:00 a.m.Courthouse Meeting Room #2
At the public hearing any resident or taxpayer may present objections to, or arguments in favor of, any part of the proposed budget. This notice represents
a summary of the supporting detail of revenues and expenditures on file with the County Auditor. A copy of the supporting detail will be furnished upon
Average annual percentage changes between FY2008/2009 Actual and FY2010/2011 Budget amounts for Taxes Levied on Property, Other County Taxes/
TIF Tax Revenues, and for each of the ten Expenditure Classes must be published. Expenditure classes proposing FY2010/2011 Budget amounts,
but having no FY2008/2009 Actual amounts, are designated "NEW".
County Web Site (if available):County Telephone Number:
Iowa Department of Management BudgetRe-EstActualAVG
Form 630 (Publish) 2010/20112009/20102008/2009Annual
 Taxes Levied on Property*111,548,44911,163,93510,488,3884.93
 Less: Uncollected Delinquent Taxes - Levy Year20 3,789 
 Less: Credits to Taxpayers3474,267489,496442,716 
 Net Current Property Taxes411,074,18210,674,43910,041,883 
 Delinquent Property Tax Revenue51,7001,0002,686 
 Penalties, Interest & Costs on Taxes612,00012,000120,929 
 Other County Taxes/TIF Tax Revenues71,937,9042,097,0012,136,358-4.76
 Licenses & Permits946,77544,17540,862 
 Charges for Service10717,572946,210766,958 
 Use of Money & Property11374,918408,633389,792 
   Subtotal Revenues1322,781,07222,411,22421,094,381 
Other Financing Sources:     
 General Long-Term Debt Proceeds14750,000500,0000 
 Operating Transfers In152,045,5502,047,4791,642,953 
 Proceeds of Fixed Asset Sales164,0004,00042,126 
     Total Revenues & Other Sources1725,580,62224,962,70322,779,460 
 Public Safety and Legal Services186,754,5606,624,3445,893,5897.06
 Physical Health and Social Services191,028,6681,059,559874,8798.43
 Mental Health, MR & DD204,069,3744,110,5064,010,2420.73
 County Environment and Education21988,405974,169892,8355.22
 Roads & Transportation225,929,3005,681,2005,388,8714.89
 Government Services to Residents23853,060861,430792,9223.72
 Nonprogram Current25000 
Debt Service26619,803584,803734,732-8.15
Capital Projects272,350,0751,310,275818,54169.44
    Subtotal Expenditures2825,199,65423,975,27321,868,451 
Other Financing Uses:     
 Operating Transfers Out292,045,5502,047,4791,642,953 
 Refunded Debt/Payments to Escrow300   
      Total Expenditures & Other Uses3127,245,20426,022,75223,511,404 
Excess of Revenues & Other Sources     
over (under) Expenditures & Other Uses32-1,664,582-1,060,049-731,944 
Beginning Fund Balance - July 1,336,589,5207,649,5698,381,513 
Increase (Decrease) in Reserves (GAAP Budgeting)340   
   Fund Balance - Reserved350   
   Fund Balance - Unreserved/Designated360   
   Fund Balance - Unreserved/Undesignated374,924,9386,589,5207,649,569 
Total Ending Fund Balance - June 30,384,924,9386,589,5207,649,569 
Proposed property taxation by type: Proposed tax rates per $1,000 taxable valuation: 
Countywide Levies*:10,037,571 Urban Areas:7.73661 
Rural Only Levies*:1,510,878 Rural Areas:10.58661 
Special District Levies*:0 Any special district tax rates not included. 
TIF Tax Revenues:369,104  
Utility Replacmnt. Excise Tax:567,000  Date:02/08/2010 
Explanation of any significant items in the budget:
Revenues: Assessed valuations for 2011 increased 6.1% since 2009. The countywide levy increased .30/1000 in 2010, but remained stable in 2011. Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) funding for 2011 is projected to be $140,000 less than actual receipts in 2009. Expenditures: Public safety and legal services saw increases in Sheriff's office expenses and County Attorney salaries and benefits. Some of these expenses will be offset by grant revenue. Physical health and social services increased due to flow through funds for Iowa Department of Public Health grants. County environment and education includes increased expenditures from the Harvester and Gateway TIFs, both in revenues to the development companies and expenses for projects funded by the Low to Moderate Income Housing Fund. Debt service is down from the peak year, 2009. The bike trail extension project and county building upgrades are reflected in the large increase in capital projects.

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