Iowa Portfolio Review Evaluation Process
Iowa Portfolio Review and Evaluation Process

Welcome to IPREP - Iowa Portfolio Review and Evaluation Process. This process has been developed to evaluate the course work and training that individuals have experienced, while completing their non-traditional teacher education program. Following is information important to you for the completion of the portfolio requirements.

The Iowa Teaching Standards and Iowa Professional Education Core are based on the INTASC Standards and Criterion. In order to be issued an Iowa teaching license, candidates are required to provide evidence, from their State approved program, that they have met Standards A – I and Components J – N, found within the portfolio. This portfolio will provide you with the necessary tools to document this evidence and submit it to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE), for its review.

Things to Know:

  • You must save all work before going to another page within the application.
  • All evidence that you chose to provide must be uploaded into the Upload Manager before being attached to a particular Standard or Component.
  • You can attach the same piece of evidence to more than one Standard/Component.
  • You may use the dialogue box to communicate with us during the process. This dialogue box does not function like "Instant Messenger", so a response will not be immediate.
  • Refer to the FAQ/Instructional Manual during the process when you have questions. If you cannot find your answer please contact one of the consultants listed below, or through the dialogue box within the program.
  • Do not submit your completed portfolio until you are sure that it is complete.
  • BoEE Consultants:

    Primary Contact: Mary Lou Nosco:     marylou.nosco@iowa.gov      515-725-2146

    Version: 1.3.2