Upload Process:  Step 1 - Upload Annual Financial Report ("AFR")



City Annual Financial Reports

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At any time, you may close this browser window to start over. 


Welcome to the AFR Upload section.  Submitting a AFR file is a 3 step process.  ALL 3 STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED TO SUCCESSFULLY SUBMIT YOUR AFR FILE.



To upload a file, you will need to click the Browse... button above to locate your file.  An Upload File window will appear.  At the top, you'll see a Look in: area.  Click the down arrow to the right of the Look In area and select system folders or a system folder.  Once you've located the AFR file, click on it once, and click Upload. 
(The process may be different for Macintosh users.)

Microsoft Edge Users - Issues uploading the AFR have been reported by users of the Microsoft Edge Browser. Until we have a fix in place, use another browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, or email your files to Ted Nellesen at ted.nellesen@iowa.gov.


You will be directed to STEP 2 once the file verification is complete.